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Planning for a Fulfilling Retirement

During my career at AT&T as a Leadership Development Coach, I saved as much money as I could. I shared our society’s obsession with saving money for retirement. And for good reason. Baby Boomers have longer retirements and are living longer.

Once I retired, I discovered I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was. Why? I had so much time on my hands and kept thinking “now what?”

While saving is a priority to prepare for financial security and the “good life”, many don’t consider what to do with all that time.

How will you remain social if work was your main social network? The interactions, friends and work you did literally filled your life. You served a purpose. You felt fulfilled. You were needed.

Again, “now what?”

“Retirement preparation is about more than just reaching financial targets,” stated a Merrill Lynch study on retirement. So true.

Many retirees don’t create a game plan to feel personally fulfilled. Few understand what truly lies ahead.

Here are questions to ask yourself about retirement:

☛ How will you continue to live a purposeful life and look forward to what you do each day?

☛ What is your plan for staying physically fit and mentally sharp?

☛ Where will your social interactions come from?

☛ Do you still want to work? I now know the importance of preparing.

Since leaving my career, it took time to learn that I wanted to keep my purpose. I became a Certified Retirement Coach (non-financial) and discovered a process that guided me to take action on what brings fulfillment in retirement.

Now, instead of coaching leaders, I coach those preparing to retire and current retirees. I am now more fulfilled than ever. My purpose? To help others like myself feel the same.


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