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Rumor has it that individuals spend more time planning a two-week vacation than they do planning for the non-financial side of retirement. That’s not unusual.  It’s not something we were brought up thinking about.

I am not a financial or an estate planner! Rather my services are designed to prepare my clients to make a successful transition into retirement by focusing on factors other than managing finances, an estate, etc.  

As a Certified Retirement Transition Coach, author, and speaker, I offer individuals, couples, and groups a framework to follow to prepare for the non-financial side of retirement. The result? A plan for my clients to feel valued, purposeful, healthy, engaged with others, and fulfilled, just as they did during their career.

Interactive activities are customized for each individual, couple or group situation. The goal is to validate areas of preparedness, explore new opportunities and ideas, address fears and concerns, and offer a safe place to ask the questions. Assignments may be given, and an action plan will be prepared. 

Along the way, clients will feel comfortable, confident and looking forward to moving into Retirementhood, their “new normal!”

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One-on-one coaching can be the most rewarding because it's all about you. It starts out by a complimentary “get to know each other session.” The first step is to complete retirement readiness assessments.  Upon completion of the assessments, clients will receive personalized reports showing areas of preparedness and identifying gaps, providing a functional blueprint for retirement planning and transition.

Through regularly scheduled sessions, we will take the blueprint and work together on clarifying and implementing a strategy for achieving your plan. We will work together toward planning for a single, specific issue or goal, or a broader issue or plan. 

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It’s not unusual that the dynamics in a marriage or a relationship will change after one or both partners retire.  In working with couples, my goal is to share a framework for preparing a mutually agreed upon plan that will bring continued joy and fulfillment in this “new normal!”



An alternative to individual coaching is a group workshops via Zoom or Facebook Live. It is perfect for organizations or businesses who wish to offer non-financial retirement planning to their employees. The “Preparing for Retirementhood: The Non-Financial Side of Retirement” workshop is interactive as each participant defines, explores, and gains new insights and ideas around preparing for life after retiring! Participants will leave with a personalized IRAP (Individual Retirement Action Plan)!

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The is an opportunity for the audience to understand what is meant by planning for the “non-financial” side of retirement. What is involved and necessary when planning to bring fulfillment during this new phase in their lives? They will hear about “lessons learned” after retirement and the do’s and don’ts when moving toward their “new normal!”

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